Glimpse re-imagines how crowds engage at their favorite events

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Our Story

Glimpse was founded in 2017 by Dylan Rose. His vision was to create a camera that allowed people to capture their favorite moments without staring through a screen. Dylan raised initial funding from Amazon Catalyst and the University of Washington and then assembled a team of peers involved in UW's SEAL Lab. From there the team built hundreds of prototypes and carried out extensive user testing.


Now, working alongside mentors and advisers with experience in the industry, the Glimpse team is currently seeking funding, media partnerships and manufacturing connections. 

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Dylan Rose


Dylan has lead several new product development cycles for Amazon, SEAL Labs, and several startups in the UW area. He has expertise in rapid prototyping, customer discovery, and leading teams.

His passion for experiential technology has helped Glimpse go from concept to reality.

Mikey Callan


Mikey graduated from the University of Washington Foster School of Business where he held leadership positions on multiple sustainability innovation teams and student organizations. He has previously directed a community bicycle program and now manages content development and artist relations.


The best moments, captured, shared.